Red Forgeworks

Handle Options

We have a range of wood types available to choose for the handle of your knife. All of the woods are carefully selected hardwoods, sourced locally to Red Forgeworks in South and North Carolina, or are interesting pieces reclaimed from a variety of sources.

Each of the wood types shown here make excellent handles, which, when properly maintained, will last for many years of hard service.

All of the wood options displayed are currently available; however, because our supplies are constantly changing, when choosing the wood for your handle it's best to pick two choices that you would be happy with. 

Black Locust (Western North Carolina):

Reclaimed White Oak (bottom) and Spalted Red Oak (top):

Pacific Yew (top) and Curly Oak (bottom):

Reclaimed Hickory:

White Ash (Western North Carolina):

Black Walnut (South Carolina):

Reclaimed Old Growth Black Cherry: