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Hand Forged Crucible CPM 3V Tool Steel Professional Cleaver

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This meat and vegetable cleaver was designed and forged in Timmonsville, South Carolina, combining traditional hand forging techniques with an extensive knowledge of modern metallurgical science.

This is a unique cleaver forged from Crucible CPM 3V tool steel, an extremely tough and highly wear resistant steel produced through the particulate metallurgy process. This process results in an exceptional quality tool steel, which, in our opinion, is one of the finest steels available for cleavers today. It produces a superior tool that will hold a tremendously sharp edge longer than other commercially available cleavers, is moderately stain-resistant, and can chop through joints and bones with ease.


- 6" Hand forged CPM 3V, high carbon, semi-stainless steel blade, 11" total length

- Blade thickness: 3/16"

- Weight: approx. 1.5 Lbs

- Exceptionally sharp and durable

- Full tang handle with hand-carved, brass-riveted handle (South Carolina black walnut shown)

- Blade edge is hardened and tempered to approx. 60 Rockwell C hardness

- Blade is differentially tempered three times, producing an extremely tough blade with a higher edge hardness than a typical single temper knife of the same composition

- Blade is cryogenically frozen in liquid nitrogen between tempers, increasing edge-holding ability, toughness, and stain-resistance

- Signed with the maker's signature "R" touchmark

- Includes hand stitched, custom formed leather sheath

- Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship