Red Forgeworks


Red Forgeworks is a traditional blacksmith shop creating high quality kitchen and home wares designed for a lifetime of everyday use. We specialize in producing carefully engineered, hand-forged kitchen knives, tools, and iron furniture using traditional methods. We strive to create heirloom quality knives, using the best ancient forging techniques combined with an extensive knowledge of modern metallurgical science and style. In addition to creating some of the highest quality products available, we are committed to using locally sourced materials whenever possible.

The shop is owned and operated by Reed Moore, who began blacksmithing while studying chemistry at Warren Wilson College and quickly discovered a strong affinity for the craft. During an intensive program at the Penland School of Crafts, he studied under Brent Bailey, one of America’s foremost makers of hand tools. As a machinist at an industrial knife manufacturer in Western North Carolina, he continued to grow his knowledge, sharpening thousands of knives and developing a pragmatic understanding of blade theory. His extensive background in chemistry and metallurgy continue to inform his craftsmanship. With Red Forgeworks, he is putting this extensive background to work by creating outdoor and kitchen knives using time-honored hand-forging techniques in a range of traditional styles, all with a modern edge.